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The PSA's New Connection Fees

Beginning July 1, 2015, the PSA has new connection fees, the fee a new customer pays to tap onto the PSA’s water or sewer system.  These changes were made to encourage customer participation in new water and sewer construction projects and to help cover the actual costs the PSA incurs in materials, equipment, and labor to install water and sewer taps.

For persons requesting residential water or sewer service during the planning phase of a project and before the project receives funding, there is NO CHARGE to connect.  This means that potential customers in areas where the PSA is seeking funding to construct water or sewer pipelines may sign up for service with no connection fee.

Residents of any of the PSA’s new project areas in the planning stage that have not been funded are eligible for the NO CHARGE connection fee.  This includes the Fairview Water project and the Yuma Sewer - Phase 2 project.

If persons in new project areas sign up for water service after the project is funded, then the fee increases to $750 and doubles to $1,500 if the user signs up for service after the project is constructed.  If they sign up for sewer service after a project is funded, the tap fee will be $1,000 and doubles to $2,000 if the user signs up for service after the project is constructed.

These other PSA water projects have already been funded and future customers who wish to connect may sign up now for service at the new rate of $750.  If a potential customer signs up for service after the project is constructed, then the fee increases to $1,500.

  • Manville Phase 3
  • Boozy Creek Phase 3
  • Big Moccasin Phase 1
  • Goode Hollow
  • Foggy Bottom Lane

For commercial and industrial customers, there are special rates to cover the higher cost of larger water meters.  For those needing a 1-inch meter, the connection fee is $2,000.  For a 2-inch meter, the fee is $6,000 while a 4-inch meter requires a $7,000 fee.  For customers that require a 6-inch water meter, the connection fee is $10,000.  The charge for meters larger than 6 inches will be based on actual costs.

Finally, there is a deposit required of all customers who open an account.  For homeowners, the deposit is $50; for renters it is $150.

If there are any questions about the new Scott County PSA connection fees, please reach our office staff using the contact information available on our website.