Current Projects

Look here to find information on projects currently under construction to enhance or expand water or wastewater service. 

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Upper Cliff Mountain Water Project Phase 2

This $1.2 million project, with funding from Appalachian Regional Commission, Virginia Department of Houseing and Community Development, LENOWISCO Planning District Commission, and Coalfields Water Development Fund, will connect to the Phase 1/Blackgum Lane Water Project and extend water to 20 homes further up the mountain.  Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2024.

Pink Hill Community Water Extension

This $0.4 million project, with ARPA grant funding from Hawkins County, Tennessee, will be an extension of our water main at the state line on Yuma Road.  It will serve approximately 50 existing homes and a few churches in Hawkins County.  Construction started in February 2024 with completion by May 2024.

Nickelsville Water System Acquisition & Improvements

This project helped fund the merger of the Town's water system into the PSA and allowed for improvements to the water meters, treatment plant, and wells.  The funding is from Virginia Department of Health for $0.9 million.  We expect the improvements to be completed in 2023.

Sustainability Water System Improvements

This project includes multiple upgrades to our water plants and distribution systems.  Notable improvements are incorporating an existing high-yield well at Natural Tunnel State Park into our water supply grid and constructing a new water storage tank at Goode Hollow.  The project was funded by grant and loan totaling $1.3 million from Virginia Department of Health.  We expect this project to be complete in 2024. 

Nickelsville Wastewater Acquisition & Treatment Plant Improvements

This project helped fund the merger of the Town's sewer system into the PSA and allowed for improvements to the Town's wastewater treatment facility.  The upgrades to the plant will be completed in 2023.  Virginia Department of Environmental Quality funded the project in the amount of $1.4 million.

Daniel Boone Sewer Phase 1

This project received $3.3 million in funding from the USDA Rural Development agency.  It provides sewer service along Daniel Boone Highway from Gate City's existing sewer system near the old rock quarry west to just past the Hob Nob.  Construction started in September 2019 and the main lines were completed and put in service in 2021.  Work is ongoing on additional lines as easements and funds are available.