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Customers Need Their Own Cutoff Valve & PRV on Water Plumbing

For Water Customers of Scott County PSA

Explanation of SCPSA Regulations 

on Cutoff Valves and Pressure Regulator/Reducing Valves


The customer shall install (unless installed by SCPSA as part of a new project) and maintain all plumbing on the customer’s side of the service connection.  This includes installing a cutoff valve on the customer (downstream) side of the meter to allow for maintenance of the customer’s plumbing, and a pressure regulating/reducing valve (PRV) to protect the customer’s plumbing from normal high system pressure and from potential pressure surges.  The SCPSA-installed cutoff valve and PRV, where applicable, located on the upstream side of the meter are for SCPSA’s use and benefit.  This equipment is not for the customer’s use and is not to be relied upon by the customer for protection of their plumbing from high water pressures.

What does this regulation mean for SCPSA customers?

  1. On new water projects and new water taps:

SCPSA will not install a PRV in our meter box at all new service connections.  We will only install a PRV in our meter box at locations where the normal system operating pressure will exceed 175 pounds per square inch (psi).  With or without a SCPSA PRV, customers on new projects shall install their own PRV (and a cutoff valve).  This is addressed on the back page of your Application for Service.

  1. At existing services:
    1. All existing SCPSA PRVs will remain in service until such time as a customer requests a pressure adjustment or until the existing SCPSA PRV fails.
    2. When a customer requests a pressure adjustment OR the existing SCPSA-owned PRV fails:  

If there is a SCPSA-owned PRV in the meter box, then a SCPSA field technician will perform one pressure adjustment on our PRV as a courtesy to the customer.  If the customer does not already have their own PRV, they will have to install their own PRV (and a cutoff valve if not already installed) within 60 days.  SCPSA will determine if the SCPSA PRV is needed based on pressures in the water system, and if it is not needed then SCPSA will remove it at the end of the 60 days.


If you are a SCPSA customer and you have any questions about this regulation,
please contact us.